Decision Communities

Analyst and Knowledge Worker Communities

fusioncenter2Knowledge Exchanges (KE) can help teams and organizations transcend the limitations of traditional  command-and-control decision making. KEs allow teams for risk response, strategic planning or virtual fusion centers  to think together, solve problems and share knowledge in new and powerful ways.

  •  “Big data” analysis teams
  •  Fusion Centers
  •  Risk management teams
  •  Corporate planning teams

One goal of these teams is integrated, cross-domain “sense-and-respond” capability… which is difficult in many organizations due to:

  • Traditional top-down decision making based on org chart, not domain expertise
  • Long, linear failure-prone processes (as opposed to the short iterative, agile cycles)
  • Isolated domain expert silos at each linear stage of the process
  • Orientation towards static, steady state operations ( in a highly dynamic world)
  • Lack of tools/processes for dealing with  complexity, dynamics, uncertainty, ambiguity, network effects and related “big data” sets

In complex, dynamic environments where change and uncertainty persist:  it’s necessary to supplement top-down controls with bottom-up and peer-to-peer problem solving tools that enable shared learning and group problem solving in an emergent, continuous manner.

Peer problem solving communities based on Knowledge Exchange software can be  cost effectively deployed for teams inside and outside the firewall, with these benefits:

  • Allow continuous learning/decision making by larger or small cross-discipline groups
  • Team and community members can be geographically and temporally distributed
  • Encourages tight business decision/project/product iterations that avoid large failure-prone waterfall cycles.
  • Virtual KE groups  cross functional, professional, cognitive and departmental barriers
  • Scalable, cost-effective, fast to deploy

Today’s business value can easily disappear tomorrow…. so innovation and problem solving must be continuous.