Customer Communities

Customer Knowledge Communities


Knowledge Exchanges can be the foundation of vibrant online customer communities where users help each other with product and service issues.

  • Self-help user support communities
  • Customer-driven product development
  • Knowledge-based marketing programs
  • User-generated content bases

We think that  “social CRM”  should do a lot more than put Facebook and LinkedIn details into CRM customer records.

Ideally.. social CRM will capture the granular product/service  interests and care-abouts of your customers, which is not generally possible with Jive, Lithium, OpenText, Moxie, Oracle, Chatter and the other “usual suspects” in the social business software realm.

Knowledge Exchanges build rich social/knowledge profiles based on each customers knowledge sharing behaviors…

These profiles enable  analystics and marketing campaigns that focus on core customer needs

KE based customer support communities are even more powerful when tightly integrated with :

  • Product knowledgebase
  • Product manuals and help guides
  • Help desk content and expertise