Our Capabilities


community-size-triangle2Our Knowledge Exchange communities are ideal for a wide range of product, process or content support applications:

  • Peer workgroup users.  Unite users in cross-discipline teams of new and experienced product support clients, product engineers, help-desk personnel, and various domain specialists who are distributed geographically.
  • Communities of practice. From a few dozen to a few thousand users. Professional CoP’s use KE’s to think and learn products together online and solve problems, in spite of distance or time zones.
  • Social networks and grassroots movements.  Large public and industry groups use online collaboration platforms for sharing knowledge on a very wide range of topics and initiatives.

Software development

  • LAMP, Apache, Nginx, Amazon AWS,  GAE, Heroku, Linode
  • Python / Django, Java, .NET, PHP (Django is our preferred business logic framework)
  • REST/ AJAX http applications, uWSGI, FastCGI,
  • Semantic web, graph database, ontology, RDF
  • jQuery, HTML5, CSS3
  • SaSS, Bootstrap, Blueprint
  • IT Admin

Application integration & lifecycle management

Integration and development projects that span different platforms, applications and data centers, at all layers of the technology stack…

  • Knowledge Exchanges, WordPress, Joomla, Alfresco, Lime, Moodle, Sugar, Google Apps,
  • Applications:  CRM,  CMS, supply chain, financial, learning systems, marketing systems, groupware, analytics, legal systems
  • Surveys, polls, votes: large and small cohort surveys with diverse range of question types, mail programs and analytical reporting
  • Virtualization:   VMWare, Zen, VirtualBox, Hypervisor, EC2
  • Single Sign-on: oAuth, SAML, Onelogin, Okta, Janrain
  • Scribe, data translation, orchestration, IFTT, Zapier, SnapLogic, JitterBit
  • RPC, AJAX, JSON, Thrift, Protocol Buffers
  • Active Directory, LDAP, Enterprise Identity Management

Graphics & multimedia production

  •  Photoshop ( web and presentation graphics)
  •  Illustrator (vector)
  • Camtasia / Adobe Premier ( video)
  • Captivate ( Flash and learning content)
  • Balsamiq (Storyboards and mock-ups)
  • Dreamweaver / Image ready ( web and marcom content production)
  • LucidCharts, Gliffy ( Flowcharting, diagram, presentations)

Software design & project management

  • Axure Rapid Prototyping 
  • Smartdraw, Gliffy, LucidCharts, Visio
  • Mindjet Mindmaps
  • WebBrain and Personal Brain
  • cMap and yED semantic modeling
  • Trello and related agile/scrum tools
  • Enterprise Architect and UML/ ER modeling


Analytics and click-flow tracking in community use base Analytics and click-flow tracking in community user base[/caption]

NewRelicDash Backend server performance reporting