Knowledge drives and good customer relations

crm_gr_01With knowledge exchange platforms, companies transcend expensive helpdesk operations and impersonal  FAQ pages by creating a problem-solving community.

Customers easily, creatively, and vigorously engage each other as well as company product specialists. Beyond the reduction of customer frustration; technical problems get solved fast and creatively, often by other customers. And new solutions appear that the company’s experts themselves haven’t imagined.


Ultimately a Customer Support KE can become an engine for innovative, customer-driven product design thinking.


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One comment on “Knowledge drives and good customer relations
  1. Hi, I agree that companies need to build knowledge sharing into comprehensive customer relationship management [CRM] strategy.. and it makes sense the the Knowledge Exchange could to tie together the old and new approaches. It could also help address the problem that a lot of customer oriented social media is happening outside of customer relationship management.

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