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Tools for dealing with the unexpected

In today’s dynamic markets and environments, organizations and projects need risk management that creates numerous alternative paths to project success, making businesses less susceptible to “black swan” failure events that easily wipe out a single critical path(Perrow, 1984). Black swan

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Agile software – just in time planning

In Agile, the goal is lean design and “just-in-time” planning,  i.e., do just enough front end thinking to get some project action going… then, after the results of the action are reviewed… do a bit more thinking… but not too

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Knowledge Exchange for better risk and opportunity management

In the current complexity era, it’s dangerous to ignore noise at the fringes of social or operational distribution curves because noise is a critical aspect of complex, emergent systems. Innovations and solutions often spring from areas that appear at first

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NLP Augmentation of Virtual Community Platforms

” NLP has a tremendous number of uses in the modern enterprise, which remains heavily text driven. Consider the sheer volume of text which flows through your organization on a daily basis, in the form of email, Word documents, Powerpoint

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Knowledge drives and good customer relations

With knowledge exchange platforms, companies transcend expensive helpdesk operations and impersonal  FAQ pages by creating a problem-solving community. Customers easily, creatively, and vigorously engage each other as well as company product specialists. Beyond the reduction of customer frustration; technical problems

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