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Knowledge Exchanges allow geographically dispersed user communities to virtually share knowledge and solve problems. Watch the video tutorial: 

Virtual community platforms for shared thinking

Unlike conventional discussion forums, blogs and wiki’s… Knowledge Exchanges are self organizing and self moderating, which enables “canonical, living knowledge bases.”

  • Structured, multi-topic discussion threads
  • Self-organizing knowledgebase and tag cloud
  • Self-refining collaborative editing and content ranking
  • Self-policing behavioral content protection system
  • Alerting, messaging, feeds, digests, etc.
  • Social media integration; advanced analytics

Knowledge Exchanges are a flexible, scalable community platform that will adopt to a wide range of distributed knowledge sharing and problem solving modalities:

  • Pulse Taking:  Prepopulate  question and solicit feedback from group
  • Expert Exchange:  Have domain expert post several key insights and concepts – encourage group discussion and Q/A
  • Vote and Rank:  Prepopulate a number of alternative courses of action (several posts in a thread) – ask group to vote the items up or down and comment
  • Problem Solving:  A group member asks a question and the experts and group help with answers
  • Practice Formalization:  Gather diverse viewpoints and feedback on practice guidelines during key inflection points in the guideline development lifecycle ( multi-usage scenarios)
  • Canonical knowledgebase: Build a central, “living” repository of knowledge, links, quotes, references, opinions, consensus/disenssus patterns, multimedia,

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